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Where to buy real estate in the USA?

Most of the property buying in the USA is centred across four very vast areas, this page will summarise the potential of these areas for buying USA real estate.

New York Real Estate

New York is the most expensive area in the US to by property, with a NYC townhouse in Manhattan with 4 beds setting you back between £2-3,000,000. Smaller apartments can be had for half a million dollars. There aren’t many places left in NYC that represents good value but in Hudson you can get small apartments ranging from $50,000,000 - $70,000 and 3 bed houses starting at $100,000 dollars

California Real Estate

This is the most popular state in the US for UK tourists looking for Las Vegas short term vacation home rentals.
Of course Los Angeles is the most popular city in California, but Las Vegas real estate is pricey and tends to cost over $600,000 dollars for at 3 bedroom houses in downtown California. Many locals end up in Las Vegas short term rental homes, the real winners of this rising market have been California real estate agents.

Central coast California real estate is also booming.

  • San Francisco needs little explaining apart from the fact it is one of the most expensive areas in the USA for property, an apartment in the centre can cost $300,000+ while a house will set you back a cool $1,000,000 dollars minimum.
  • Sacramento is the oldest area in California and has a number of US properties for sale 3 bed houses range from $300,000+.
  • Real Estate in Palm Beach also costs well over $1,000,000 for a house with 3-4 bedrooms 

Texas Real Estate

Property in Texas is very popular with English tourists looking to settle down in the US, because of its fantastic climate and wonderful scenery, property prices are realistically set with both Dallas ($400,000 4 bed) & Huston real estate ($400,000 5 bed)being reasonable good value. For specific areas in Texas which has value for money US real estate look at Fort Worth and Austin.

Florida Real Estate

Prices for real estate have been going through the roof in Florida throughout the last 5 years with Miami ($3,000,000 6 beds+) and Florida Keys being the most expensive areas for Florida realestate.

  • Disney vacation rental homes have been in high demand as have houses for rent in Florida in general. Take Buena Vista near Disney is now very expensive with small one bed apartments costing over $200,000 dollars
  • South Florida real estate has also been in high demand and Orlando rental homes have become quite popular because of rising prices of real estate in USA.

Buying USA Real Estate

The first thing to note is buying a house in the US is a far different experience than you might find in the UK.

All USA estate agents serve the buyer and the seller. This is actually quite a logical system, as the estate agent has to proactively earn their money, buy going out and finding properties for their clients at the same time informing sellers of any interest on their US property.

Too often in the UK once the estate agents have you under contract, they apply very lazy marketing techniques, and this doesn’t happen in terms of USA property.

Once you have found a property in the US there isn’t a “subject to contracts period”, contracts can be signed at the beginning, and a deposit is then submitted by the buyer. This US property deposit is then given to the US house seller if the buyer decided to pull out of the property transaction.

Again this seems like a fair system as all too often, in UK property transactions, the buyer pulls out at the last minute without a penalty incurred.

All the legal paperwork is then taken care of. The USA house or USA apartment is then checked by the insurance company. Provided this is ok, then the balance of the property can be settled by the buyer and documents can be signed and declared, ready for buying USA real estate.

Most property in the US is still bought through real estate agents but for sale by owner real estate (FSBO) is becoming more and more popular in  the USA.


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