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Spain is still one of the best places in Europe to invest. After so many years of Property investments why is it property investors still want to snap up Spanish real estate.

First and most obvious, Spain is a beautiful country that tourists continue to flock to from all over Europe. It is a country that has more sunshine that almost anywhere in Europe, it is also a country stooped in culture and heritage buying a property in Spain, buys you a little of this magical Spanish culture, just for you!

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Property in Spain For Sale


Spanish Property is still affordable despite years of Spanish property   price rises; living in Spain is also considerably cheaper than living in the  UK and other parts of Europe.

Of course there are the fantastic coastlines, many UK children have grown up enjoying the magical experience of a Holiday on the Spanish coast, these same children, now grown up, are snapping up property in there droves, reliving their childhood and offering some of this magic to their own children, by buying a property in Spain.

Spain Property buying Process

Buying property for sale in Spain is relatively straight forward for foreigners. There are no legal restrictions for Spanish property ownership but be advised that you should always employ a Spanish and English speaking solicitor to avoid unnecessary complications.

When you have found a Spanish property that takes your fancy your Solicitor (bogado) will check that the Spanish House or flat is registered in the Registro de la popiedad and ensure there are no nasty surprises connected to the property such as a previous debt attached.

Provided the Solicitor doesn't uncover any skeletons the buyer is now free to put down a 10% deposit on the Spanish property.

If both parties decide that the sale can go ahead then the signing of the contract of sale will take place before a public notary unconnected to either side.

One other word of caution, allow between at least 10% of the Spanish property price for fees and taxes when buying an apartment or house for sale in Spain.

There are many places in Spain to invest in Spainsh property, here are the ones Free House Agent suggest:

  • Nerja
  • Murcia
  • Mallorca
  • Menorca
  • Ibiza
  • Serville
  • Barcelona

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