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Pipa is a beautiful little town in the North East region of Brazil. Over the last few years Pipa has enjoyed a property boom, which has seen property developers, in their droves, buying off plan apartments and Pipa real estate. So what makes Pipa so popular with property developers? 

Let’s start with the obvious,
With its beautiful beaches, amazing coastline and perfect climate, (between 20 - 32 degrees all year round) Pipa is simply stunning. It’s a surfer’s paradise, with its amazing waves and laid back vibe, Pipa oozes Brazilian style. Walk down the rustic high street and you pass by many young, streetwise, and it must be said aesthetically pleasing, Brazilians looking to catch the latest wave or just enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.


Yet Pipa is not just for the young and care free, it has a multitude of independant craft shops selling well-crafted local jewellery or fabulous oil paintings of the surrounding landscape.


You can also hire bright yellow, squat, buggies to go riding around the local sand dunes. These sand dunes are famous in Brazil for their sheer size. A word of warning, make sure you hire a driver for these trips as riding the dunes is not for novice drivers. No matter how good a driver you think you are, nothing prepares you for the huge scale of these quite incredible dunes, be prepared for one hell of a roller coaster ride.


If food is your priority then Pipa also has plenty to offer with a variety of restaurants selling a multitude of international cuisine. Given the fact that Pipa is quite a small town, it has an amazing choice of restaurants ranging from locally inspired dished to far more well known international dishes for those less adventurous. Don’t leave Pipa without trying out the local delicacy, Moqueca (spicy fish stew) it’s simply scrumptious.


You must by now have a taste as to why Property Developers and Investors are looking with favourable eyes at Pipa real estate, but this isn’t the only reason that property for sale in Pipa is selling so rapidly.


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Property for sale Pipa


House prices in Pipa remain relatively competitive compared with other less beautiful parts of Brazil. A two bedroom property for sale in Pipa near the coast will set you back around £40,000 pounds, with inland apartments for sale costing considerably less. Considering you can make much of this expenditure back, by renting out your Pipa property, to holiday makers throughout the year, then you start to see the investment potential of Pipa real estate. 


Just before you thought it couldn’t get any better, Pipa is only 40mins south from Natal one of Brazil’s biggest airports and one which is rumoured to be on the verge of expansion which will see it enlarged to cope with more international flights. This should mean that the average price, (currently around £600 from the UK) for flights to Natal, should start to tumble with the added competition from rival airlines, making property for sale in Pipa even more apealling.


To summarise if you are interested in buying a property, whether it be a house, condo, villa or apartment for sale in Brazil, then you could do far worse than to check out the magical town of Pipa, I’m sure you wont be disappointed. Review our extensive online property database for many properties for sale Pipa, many of which are for sale by owner, (fsbo). 


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