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Selling a home in the UK and overseas can be very stressful and expensive, more and more owners are conducting their UK private property sales by For Sale by Owner, FSBO, FIZBER. Free House Agent offers a chance for owner to make teriffic savings by advertising a house for sale privately free in the UK and overseas.

Why pay an agent to advertise a property for sale when a property owner can put up their house for sale for free paying no commission on any properties, for sale by owner, FSBO, FIZBER. With Free House Agent buying and selling a home is made easy and far cheaper.

  • Property For Sale by Owner, often known as FSBO or FIZBER - No estate agents required
  • FIZBER - derived from the word FIZBO (pronunciation of FSBO)
  • Owners can upload their own property for sale adverts for free
  • Free House Agent property adverts get huge numbers of viewings
  • Selling & buying a home is made cheaper, no estate agent commission
  • Search the online property database
  • Advertise for Free with Free House Agent

Things to remember when Privately selling a home, FSBO, FIZBER.

Set your Price correctly - Set a realistic asking price, setting it to high will reduce your viewings and your properties marketability and therefore your chances of selling.

Availability - you need to be available to conduct property viewings and answer questions.

Be Professional - you need to act like an experienced property agent, read up on the do's and don’ts of being a property agent.

Consider your market - consider who is viewing the property when answering questions.

Be safe - Let people know when you are conducting viewings, try and have somebody to know around.

Verify and Vet - Make sure somebody is who they say they are, ask them to provide a form of ID if they have nothing to hide they wont mind.

Invite offers on your property - Encourage people to make offers on your property, this can be by e-mail or post if you feel more comfortable. 

Don't be afraid to haggle - Have an idea of what your property is worth and stick to this for at least a few months.

Credit Check - If somebody is interested in your property, get them credit checked, also ask them to provide a letter showing that they have a "Mortgage in principle"

Good Luck - Who needs it when you can use Free House Agent, for all your Property "For Sale by owner", FSBO, FIZBER.







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