Free House Agent FAQs

Using the Site

Q. Who are we?

To put it simply we act as a portal or gateway between property buyers and sellers, at the same time offering an advertising service for private firms and individuals. We offer many on-line services and information making buying property easier, cheaper and safer. We reach out to millions of people across the Internet. Chances are if you are reading this now, you have allready proved this point.

Q. Can I use this site and use an Estate Agent?

Yes, because we are not registered estate agents you can use this site and also resigister with an Estate Agent without being in breach of any contracts.

Just make sure that your contract is not for Sole Selling Rights. If so your agent can claim commission even if you sell the property. (Even if this is the case you might want to advertise yourself to ensure a quicker sale).

If your contract is Sole Agency or Multiple Agency as the vast majority are, you will be fine to advertise and sell your property with Free House Agent and pay no estate agent comission. (Unless of course the agent introduced the buyer to you).

Payments & Costs

Q. How much will it cost?

That depends, we offer a free advertising services where you can upload a description of your property for Sale or Rent. In order to submit pictures of your properties and receive enquiries you can sign up for one of the paid for pricing packages shown under the Extra Options page.

Q. Are there any hidden costs?

No, what you see is what you get, we will never have hidden charges or charge commission as this goes against the very ethos of the site. No matter what price you sell your property your costs will not increase with Free House Agent.

Q. How do I pay?

At the moment you don't pay, for a limited period it's free for you to advertise on Free House Agent. Shortly you will be able to select from a number of Upgrade packages.  

There are two methods of payment, one is Via the site very own secure, efficient shopping cart. All of your credit card details are securely handled but never held.

The other method is buy cheque, this will take 5 working days (once received) to clear so keep this in mind when thinking about how urgent your situation is.

Cheques should be made payable to "Free House Agent Ltd"

How Do I?

Q. Can I get my money back?

Yes, but you have only 24 hours, from the point of confirming your application. See terms and conditions

Q. Can I change or add to my advertisement once it is online?

Yes, to do this log onto the website and click on the My Account link (top right corner of the screen) Then click on the Edit My Advert Link. Changing any details will take seconds. You can access this at anytime from anywhere - as long as you have internet access.

Q. Why should I use this site to buy property?

It's totally up-to-you, but remember from a buyers point of view your offer may appear more attractive as they will not be liable for Estate Agent commission, this could give you valuable room to negotiate on price.

Q. What are the security images on this wesite for?

The security images we use throughout this website are in place to provide added protection against site attacks. Inputing these phrases when submiting information to the site allows us to distinguish between our actualusers and an automated script aimed at attacking the site or stealing content. By providing the security images on the site we are able to reduce the amount of information required in many of the processes. Although it may seem like an effort to input these phrases they do in fact save on manual input that would otherwise need to be entered. If you have any difficulties accessing the images or reading the phrases please contact our support team using the contact us page.

This is a completely independent website, with no ties to any estate agents, financial instutions or other Unscrupulous profit making organisations. We won't try and force a mortgage upon you or even pretend to give you financial advice.

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