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WCAG1.0 and WAI-AAA certification can be checked on this website by clicking the WCAG icon at the bottom right of every page within this website. In addition this website is HTML 4.01 compliant as well as CSS2 compliant.

This site has, where possible, been produced with content capable of meeting the UK legal accessibility requirements as required by governmental and public services web-sites alike. Although by law web-sites such as this are not required to meet any legal criteria we would like to support everyone with our property services.

We actively encourage users to contact us if they have any further suggestions or any kind of difficulties using this website. We endevour to support internet users who suffer from disabilities that may require specific forms of access functionality within our website and it's service. Although we have passed WCAG to the highest levels we have not performed any human testing and do appreciate that this is where problems may arise that the automated testing didn't spot. We would therefore be more than pleased to hear back from any disabled users, be it good or bad feedback!

Not only do we endevour to provide accessibility for disabled and visually impared users, we also provide accessibility through compatability. Our website application and design functions on all modern operating systems and browsers. Our website can also be viewed within a suitable interface to suit a range of mobile devices such as internet phones and PDA's giving our visitors and members a truely accessible experience wherever and whatever the cirumstance.

If you have any suggestions on how we can make this website even more accessible than it already is please do contact us at our feedback email address.


This website has been designed and developed by the experts in internet  technologies, Creators of W3C compliant, accessible web design and internet development. pride themselves on the production of accessible web based applications suitable for the visually impared as well as those who may have other disabilities.